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"Does the conclusion, the answer to that have anything to do with why you ran away?"

"Will I be able to learn the same things at this school as staying in the White Room? What freedom is, how is feels to not be bound by anything. I couldn’t have learned that in that place."

This is a fact even he can’t deny. The White Room was perhaps the most efficient place in the whole world to raise a human, but you couldn’t learn everything. It was an institution that threw away anything unnecessary to the extremes.

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"Matsuo told me, the only place in Japan where you couldn’t reach was this school."

If I didn’t choose this school instead of waiting in standby as per orders, or if I had made a different decision, I would most likely have been returned back to the White Room."

Thus I strongly reject withdrawing from the school.

"There are some parts I can’t understand, but it seems I just have to accept that’s how the situation is. Now I see how temporarily shutting down the institution that time before the completion of the plan was a mistake. To think just one year could set back a plan which had been ongoing for over 16 years. And annoyingly you managed to escape to this school away from my reach."

I know that this temporary shutdown was a heartbreaking memory to him. That is why he so strongly wanted me back. But to make contact after half a year, there must be something else happening behind my back. Is there someone big behind this school?

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"I now understand why you came here, but don’t think this is the end of it. As with Matsuo’s son, I can make you quit this school by force you know."

"I don’t believe you can interfere with this school as you are right now since it’s backed by the government."

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"What makes you think so? That’s a statement without any proofs to back it up."

"The first one, the bodyguards you always surround yourself with are nowhere to be seen. You are making grudges all around so you shouldn’t be so willing to separate from them. But they are not in this room nor in the hallway as far as I can see."

The man grabbed the cup and drank the now lukewarm tea.

"Why should I need bodyguards just to visit a high school?"

"That’s sloppy considering you always have them guard when you go to the toilet. It seems to me you couldn’t take them with you even if you wanted to. The authorities behind this school didn’t permit it, is what I think."