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“So? What’s wrong? You kept calling me.”

“I kept calling you because you keep hanging up!”

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“It’s usual to hang up an annoying harassment call.”

“Why do you think that I’m annoying!? I didn’t even say anything yet!”

“…So, you mean I can benefit from what you’re going to talk about?”

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Aguri-san seems to have puffed up her chest on the other side of the phone. I scratched my head and urged her to continue unwillingly.

“If you are saying that already, I’ll be asking then. …Why did you call me on a Saturday night, Aguri-san?”

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“Yes! Amanocchi, do you want to come to my house tomorrow-“

I immediately hung up. Then, I also considered turning off my phone entirely. However, I still hesitated a bit, no matter how cold-hearted I am. So, I got another phone call before anything could be done.


…I scrolled the screen and tried to decline the call. …However, she called me right away again. …I should just blacklist her. …Although I thought about doing it, I can’t cross that line. Furthermore, at the end of the day, I just can’t ignore Aguri-san completely.

I answered the call. This time, Aguri-san seems to have learned her lesson as well. She suddenly explained to me without any complaint.

“Eh, I get it! I understand! I also considered this! Right now, Amanocchi doesn’t want to stir up any more troubles. I get that. So, I also respectfully agreed to stop going to the family restaurant for a while! Yes!”

“If that’s the case, why are you suggesting such a heavyweight event that not just affects me, but your own relationship as well…?”

Facing my thoroughly dumbfounded voice, the other side of the phone is…

“…I guess it’s because…even though I understand, I can only rely on you, Amanocchi…”