What to do online is most

What to do online is most

Everyone had their own opinions as for why they were similar. No one could convince anyone. Some people thought that Finger Games’ original artist was deliberately borrowing from them. Some people also thought that Finger Games’ original artist was an unintentional mistake, a collision in creativity.

However, one thing would not change no matter how they discussed it: this skin was completely tied to Modest’s image!

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The influence of this picture was too wide and deep. Many players felt that something was missing when they saw the initial animation of the five heroes of Black Gold Technology.

What was missing?

Obviously, they were missing Modest, who was standing behind them and shielding them with his broad arms!

Once they accepted this setting, the champion skin of this Black Gold Technology could no longer exist independently. Instead, it was firmly tied to Modest.

The reason for this situation was not only because they looked alike, but also because of the story behind the champion’s skin.

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It could be said that without Boss Pei (Modest) ‘s generous spending and data support, FV Team would not have won the championship. Naturally, there would not have been this black-gold theme champion skin.

Thus, the many elements inside and outside the game tied the image of the champion’s skin to the image of Modest.

What was even scarier was that the gamers were still digging and explaining more...

Long Yu Corporation.

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Eric flipped through the comments online, feeling furious and shocked.

“What is going on!”

“How did this happen?!”