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Students who are able to think ahead and students who act solely out of malevolence.

Unless there's an overwhelming difference in ability, it's not that hard to predict the outcome.

"Ahh, I can't do this. This is way too stupid. Why do I have to play friends with the guys from the other classes? Right, Albert?".

Albert did not agree with or deny that but Ishizaki continued to speak alone.

"I hate this group from the bottom of my heart. That gorilla Kouenji and also that mouthy Yukimura who can't even do marathon training properly. That silly Class B and the Class A that doesn't do anything at all. So damn idiotic".

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Slam. Ishizaki kicks the broom.

"You're free to badmouth us all you want but please do the cleaning".

"Shut it. Kouenji's not doing it so why should I?".

"Then you don't have any right to warn Yukimura in the first place, do you?".

Hashimoto tried to explain that but Ishizaki is no longer listening. He abandoned cleaning altogether. 'Toilet' was all he said before he left. Unable to stop him, Keisei bit his lips in frustration.

"Keisei, it's best if you stop trying to shoulder everything. You can't change anything in the one or two days left. You may come to regret it later if you make a mistake in your judgement right now".

I gave him that piece of advice. No, I tried to confirm that again with him.

"I get that, but there's no other way, is there? If I rely on someone else, Ishizaki will alienate himself more and more from the group. But if I don't do anything then the probability of our group being in last place is high. In that case, I have to do it regardless of whether it's reckless or not, right?".

If there's no other way except what Keisei just said then the option of recklessly going at it certainly would be the best one out of the options available. If there are no available options then one must somehow forge a new path.

However, right now it doesn't seem like Keisei's up to the task of forging that new path or in other words, creating an option.

Someone who is capable of understanding this group and taking action for the sake of others. I looked at Hashimoto, the man quietly cleaning away. Stopping Ishizaki from going after Kouenji on the second day, he gives me the impression of someone who's making sure to bring the group together from an appropriate distance. He also acted perfectly during marathon training.