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“Oh, do you know about it, too? ‘Peach Boy Born from a Peach’.”


I couldn’t share the topic of the novels, but I felt a sense of familiarity to the fact that Tre’ainar also knew the picture book I used to read.

『Long ago, there was a man who was the natural enemy of the Ogres. His sword skills were superb, but what he feared the most was a beast-tamer with the power to persuade animals. With his ability, he led Cerberus and the Monkey gods to scatter the demons. He was a formidable opponent. 』

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…… wait what?

『Oh? That picture book… To the turtle who helped… Oh, the tale of the fisherman who journeyed to a deep-sea city? Nostalgic. Once, a schism ran between our Demon Army and the Legions of the Deep Seas over the princess, the daughter of the sea god.』

…… oh, hey?

『Hmmm, this is… Ah, the bearer of the Battle Axe, ‘Golden Bear Killer’…… Well, once this was a problem involving interracial marriage, was this picture book story about the crane and frog woman who….』

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Since when? Reading these kinds of picture books made my eyes shine with wonder, but as I grew up, I wrote them off as ‘stories for children’.

“Umm, Tre’ainar…”

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“The characters in these picture books… were they real?”

『…… Did you not know?』

I never imagined I would find out in this way, not all of this was fictional, but actually “based on a true story.”

『Is this one not famous, as well? ‘Tonchi One Nine’ was called the intellectual general of mankind. I often compared his wisdom with my own. And I miss this one too. ‘Old Sage Hanasaki’ the plant master who turned a land ruined by the war into an all-encompassing flower garden. Also… 』

“Hey, wait… Let me calm down first…. Ha-ha…”