Is it true that those walking on the Internet is true?

Is it true that those walking on the Internet is true?

(…No matter how you look at the explosion just now, it’s the power of the old『owl』class.)

It is necessary that I be cautious of it.

While keeping Claude-san at the edge of my sight, I glanced at the big owl that was glaring at me from the sky.

(Even a small fist-sized swallow produced such a big explosion.)

If that barrel-sized owl explodes, it will surely be an enormous explosion.

As I analyzed Claude-san’s power,

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「Now, show me your power, worm!」she exclaimed, quickly slashing the soil in the schoolyard.



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Ten bombs made from swallows and ravens each were produced; a total of twenty.

(…The number has also increased.)

If I remember correctly, previously there were only ten or so of them in total.

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(It’s twenty at a time now, huh…)

That’s a fearsome growth.

「Fufu, are you so surprised that you became speechless? Then, get blown away where you stand! Now, dance!」

At the same time as Claude san’s orders, the twenty bombs rushed at me.