Online there is no software to download any software to make money

Online there is no software to download any software to make money

“I think that space over there is suitable for a mini gym. There are a lot of industry related illnesses and working out often can help to alleviate those while helping employees to work better.”

“The guest room, sofas and coffee tables must not be scrimped on. It’s best if we can get a set of high-end tea set as well. Buy around eight types of different good tea leaves. If we happen to have a business meeting, we can’t serve our guests plain water.”

Pei Qian declared confidently.

Since he would be using System Funds for everything, he could do as he wished.

In any case, anything that the company could use would have to be of the best quality!

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Even anything the company couldn’t use would be of the best quality as well!

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Pei Qian checked on whether there was any response by the system while commenting.

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Since there were no changes or warning, it meant that Pei Qian’s actions were not a violation!

Xin Hailu held onto a small notebook and took notes quickly.

“Sure thing, Boss Pei. Everything will be prepared swiftly the way you want them to be.”

“Could I check with you what’s the rough estimate of your budget?” Xin Hailu asked.

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “Around 500,000 to 800,000. Try to steer in the direction of 800,000.”

Xin Hailu nodded her head. “Understood.”