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We can hear Tendou-san’s mumbling to herself.

“I see. That’s really-“

Tendou-san suddenly stopped in the middle. Then, we heard something falling onto the ground.

Chiaki and I turned around again. …We can see a couple of PE teachers’ backs. They yelled, “Watch the stairs when you walk!” Both of us dashed to the entrance as if we were escaping.

Chiaki changed her shoes as she asked me.

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“Is Tendou-san okay?”

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“Hmm, well, I guess she’s fine. It’s Tendou-san, after all. Isn’t she always clumsy?”

“Ah, you’re right. I feel like that has become way more common since I started dating Keita. Do you remember? …When I took off something on Keita’s face, Tendou-san looked like her soul was sucked out of her body.”

“Yeah, I wonder why? This is quite intriguing.”

“Yeah, it’s intriguing.”

So, the two of us thought about the wonderful Tendou-san as we walked out of the school gate.

“Ara? Isn’t this Amanocchi?”

“Oh, you’re right. Hey, Amano and Hoshinomori.”

When we’re waiting for the bus next to the school, the normie couple in the Hobby Club saw us.

Chiaki and I are still not used to being called a couple yet. Aguri-san already smiled mischievously before we even get to explain. She put her left hand on my shoulder as she poked me with her right fist.

“Ara ara? Are you two waiting for the bus heading to Hoshinomori-san’s house? …Hiya, I underestimated you, Amanocchi!”