Do you sell gentleman orchid online?

Do you sell gentleman orchid online?

(Yoshi Yoshi! As perfectly as I imagined it!)

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I think I can complete this job calmly, there was a time when I thought that way.

After that,

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「Allen-kun, you’ve got another four-people nomination!」

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「Yes, I understand…!」

「Ria-san, you’ve got a nomination from one person!」

「Yes, I understand!」

「Allen-kun, this time you’ve got five-people nomination!」

「Yes, please wait a moment…!」

「Rose-san, it’s a nomination from one person.」

「Umu, understood.」

「Allen-kun, next is seven-people nomination!」


For some reason, there were unusually many more nominations for me.

They were all groups of female customers. After escorting them to their seats, for some reason, they started talking about various stories and I had a hard time taking orders.

(Maybe this is a result of the women’s network…)