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“<The legendary hentai game is slumbering in this box that all of you are looking for.> …That’s what it says.”

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“Isn’t this weird? All of you? It’s like he already expected multiple people to search for it.”

“Yeah, but I guess he really guessed it. Think about it, there are not that many people that love hentai games and play on consoles at the same time.”

“Yeah, I just saw one question that only hardcore and old-school hentai game fans would know. However, the next question revolves around Mario Party. If multiple people are making the questions, I guess there would be more than one challenger.”

“…Multiple people will find the hentai game in the student council room when a group hides them.”

“Stop it. That literally makes us on the same level of weirdness as Key JC Cape.”

“Uh, I think that’s the case…”

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Konoha-san smiled bitterly, yet she looked excited as well. Aside from that, even I can understand what she’s feeling.

It’s because if having friends that can solve an utterly stupid puzzle like this isn’t called happiness, what is?

Konoha-san looked at the chest and mumbled.

“I can never play this game with everyone in the student council, not even onee-chan.”

“Well, …I’m the same. I can’t even play it with Uehara-kun, not to mention Tendou-san.”

“Yeah, now I understand. The person hiding this game doesn’t want to just leave the legendary hentai game behind. Instead, he also wants his kouhai to enjoy the process. That’s why he left this incredibly stupid yet specially…exciting game behind.”

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“I guess so. In fact, I’m enjoying it.”