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I polished my words before speaking.

“Remember that there are always plots in mangas, the female protagonist found out that the mischievous boy protagonist helped a puppy in the rain. Then, she can’t help but fall for him? I don’t like this scenario. Don’t you think it’s unfair for those who behaved themselves?”

“Why did you bring this up so suddenly? Ah, but I do understand your point.”

“Of course, I understand that’s the standard plot setting so I won’t go nitpicking. However, what I wanted to say is that I think I will probably fall for the same trap.”

“Right…Um, so?”

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Then, I blushed while clenched my fist that’s on my lap and started mumbling quietly.

“How cunning…impressing people with a surprise change of their character. I-I’m sure that this emotion is only temporary. There’s no way I’m actually falling for him; that’s the point I’m trying to make…!”

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“Sis, I’m sorry. I don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re saying.”

Konoha’s confused. I almost pushed her over on the couch in excitement and even forced her to agree with me.

“A-Anyway! I…I will still maintain my hatred towards “him,” Is this alright!? There’s nothing wrong with this, right!?”


Konoha’s brain is still clouded as she rolled her eyes. But, I guess she felt that she should make a half-assed conclusion. So, she suddenly nodded at me with a smile.”

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“Y-Yeah, sis, I think you’re right!”

“Yeah, right!”

“Y-Yes! Although I’m not sure, um, how did that unknown person show their good side to make my sister fall for him…?”