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good ways to make extra money

Be it domestically or overseas, he would find outdated or unpopular character IPs and buy them all with the aim of collecting rubbish. He would then insert them into the game and design special functions based on these characters.

If the ones he found were different in style from the game, he would engage in discussions with the creators first. Then, he would spend another sum of money hiring a professional artist to recreate the characters.

This way, he could spend money very quickly.

Moreover, rubbish IPs would prove utterly useless. They would not bring much traffic to their game, and their price-quality ratio would be through the roof.

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Li Yada had many questions. After all, this was her first real project as the chief planner.

However, Pei Qian waved his hand. “Alright, that’s all for now. Go and have a think about it. Don’t ask me everything. I don’t want to influence your thought process.”

Li Yada pressed her fingers together and said, “Alright… alright, Boss Pei.”

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She turned around and walked out of Boss Li’s office. Li Yada felt that this mission was too heavy, particularly because games like Gods Rising were not her forte.

The more she thought about it, the more impossible it seemed to improve a game like Gods Rising in such a short amount of time.

It looked like she had to consult Bao Xu in secret.

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[1] This is an acronym for ‘Good Game’, which usually signifies the end of something.

Pei Qian flipped through his little notebook. He had more or less done whatever he could for the company for now.

There were a plethora of things to tackle, but most of them had already been settled. For now, the various department heads were probably being kept busy. On the other hand, Pei Qian could afford to relax.

He leaned back on his office chair to get some rest. Then, Pei Qian surfed the web, intending to look for suitable houses.

It was now the year 2010. Property prices were already showing signs of rising. However, in Pei Qian’s eyes, they were still affordable.

On average, houses in Beijing and Shanghai cost about 25 thousand yuan per square meter. Houses in the school districts in Beijing could cost up to 38 thousand yuan per square meter.