how much money do youtubers make per 1 million views

how much money do youtubers make per 1 million views

It was one thing for Teacher Qiao to boast about it, but Pei Qian was not very surprised by this. No matter what game Tengda created, Teacher Qiao would always find special points to boast about it.

The key was that the other game media and gamers were really scammed by Teacher Qiao!

Now, Doubt VR and Animal Island have started the VR gaming era. It had almost become a consensus in the domestic gaming circle and even other circles.

Not only were many companies eager to develop VR games for Doubt VR, but they were also looking for opportunities to enter this blue sea. Many other internet companies were also thinking about taking a share of the profits.

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Develop a cheaper version of the VR glasses while the Doubt VR is popular? Make a VR panoramic video application?

Or should he introduce some foreign VR content?

Since the VR era had arrived, this was a huge investment opportunity. Everyone would definitely want a share of the profits.

That was how the internet age was like. Everyone wanted to find the right outlet to be the pig that was being praised. They did not consider that 90%!o(MISSING)f the pigs would die after the crazy was over.

The remaining 10%!w(MISSING)ould probably be shelved and half-dead.

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Only one investment opportunity in a million could grow into a unicorn giant.

“These people are really suicidal.”

“VR is definitely a dead end!”

Pei Qian could not help but feel sorry for their fates.

That was because he remembered very clearly that VR had indeed been popular for a period of time, but it quickly went downhill.

Of course, it was not appropriate to say that it went downhill. It was still developing slowly. There were still some new companies that made VRs. However, it quickly subsided compared to the initial craze.