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For gamers who had played Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content before, this opening was very easy to understand. That was because it was connected to the downloadable content.

It did not affect the audience who had not played before. That was because Qin Yi’s memory fragments were inserted into the opening scene. It was mainly the scene of the decapitation operation in the nest and the deaths of his teammates.

Even though these images were fragmented and short, it was enough for the audience to understand the priorities and not be confused.

What’s more, as the movie plot progressed, there would be memories of the ‘decapitation strike’ at certain key points, such as the ‘realistic training’. It might not take long but it was enough to ensure the integrity of the entire story.

At the same time that Qin Yi took over the control panel and familiarized himself with the operation, the audience also saw the simulation of the first encounter with the Zergs with him. They also understood the background of this story through AEEIS’s explanation.

Lu Xiaoping stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth. The light from the big screen shone on his face. The bright and dark light quickly changed, reflecting his slightly dazed expression.

He was shocked by how cool the movie was!

In the past, domestically-produced sci-fi movies were often perfunctory and not particular. For example, the clothing of the characters, the furnishings in the space capsule, the electronic equipment, and so on would obviously show signs of being cheap and pieced together. They were very insincere.

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On one hand, it was because of funding. On the other hand, it was because of ability. However, it was more of an attitude problem.

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That was because the directors of many domestically-produced sci-fi movies did not pay much attention to these details. They only wanted a “sci-fi feel” setting. The focus was on other aspects. For example, how to change the script according to the sponsors’ requirements.

If their attitude was not good enough, these details could not be done well.

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However, Mission and Choice were completely different.

There was no need to take a closer look at the differences in these details. One could tell with a slight scan!

The IMAX screen displayed all sorts of details in front of the audience, including Qin Yi’s space suit, sleeping capsule, the commander’s control panel, and so on. It looked like it was indeed a product of future technology and it had a strong sense of authenticity!