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Rize was captivated with Allen Rodore far more than Clown had imagined.

Instantly understanding that fact, Clown abandoned the sinister plan of using Allen, shaking his head sideways exaggeratedly.

「O-Of course! I won’t ever lay a hand on Rize-san’s favoured child!」

「That’s fine then.」

As the oppressive bloodlust vanished and the tense air relaxed, he heaved a small sigh.

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(Haa… it’s quite unfortunate, but… I should probably keep away from Allen-san.)

Clown, who has known Rize for a long time, knew well.

Her relentlessness, her desire to monopolize, and above all, her fearsome tenacity.

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(But this captivation… It’s a little abnormal.)

In both a good and bad way, Rize was fickle-natured.

What she had cherished so far, turned to junk the next day.

The one and only thing she cherishes is her little sister, Ferris Dorahain.

That is why, it was abnormal for Rize to become so attached to a particular individual for several months on end.

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(This… seems like she is still『hiding』something…)

Allen Rodore has a『hidden side』.

Clown, who was convinced of that, secretly decided to investigate everything about Allen.

「Even so, Allen-kun has become so admirable and reliable. A completely different person from the time I met him at the Daido Commercial Festival. Haa, if only I was slightly younger…」

「Yeah… It sure gets hard when you reach thirty–」

The moment Clown uttered those words, his fedora withered away like a flower, disappearing from existence.