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Chiaki mumbled quietly. So, unwilling to admit defeat, I glared at Aguri-san too.

“Ha, not a single man wants to go out with an unreasonable and gluttonous gal like you! So, if someone like that exists, we should add another class of -phile for him! Let’s call it Aguri-phile!”

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“Oi, I don’t have weird fetishes like that…”

Uehara-kun dropped his shoulders for some reason. In the end, both Chiaki and Uehara-kun…got even more upset.


Aguri-san and I noticed that this isn’t going to end well. So, we changed the topic again to cover it up.

“B-By the way, Aguri-san, are you two going shopping next?”

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“Ah, yes, we are! We’re going to the arcade next!”

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“Ah, you two are indeed close. I’m envious of you two!”

“The same goes for you, Amanocchi.”

At this point, we turned around and glanced at Uehara-kun and Chiaki. …Both of them lowered their heads. They looked slightly embarrassed.

This can work.

Both of us became more confident and pushed the conversation.

“The arcade’s nice!”

“Nah, playing in your girlfriend’s house is more…”

“Yeah! Aguri-san and I have never visited any place alone!”

“Y-Yeah! Both of us are just wasting time together!”

“You’re right! Ah, how should I put it? We never thought about doing something special!”