Is there a real way online?

Is there a real way online?

Logically speaking, there should not be anything that required special consultation for these two projects.

Lin Wan said, “Boss Pei, I’m here to report because IOI has made a new move.”

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Pei Qian: “Oh? Alright, tell me then.”

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Pei Qian was more concerned about IOI’s situation.

As the main competitor of GOG globally, IOI’s actions directly determined whether Pei Qian could continue to spend more money on GOG. That was very important.

Ever since Eric left, the person-in-charge of Dayak Corporation and Finger Games in IOI’s local server became Chrétien. There would probably be changes in the policy of promoting IOI.

On the other hand, Pei Qian was looking forward to the changes that Chrétien would bring to IOI’s local server. He wanted to create some challenges for GOG in the domestic market, even though the chances of that happening were not high.

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Lin Wan handed him a report. “Boss Pei, these are the few known measures that Chrétien has taken against IOI.”

“Compared to Eric, he has placed his focus on modifying the game’s content. This can be seen from the testing suit’s update plan.”

“The map of the game is relatively smaller. The soldiers’ deny would complement the game, provide 70%!o(MISSING)f the opponent’s experience and a small amount of money. After many deaths, the head would not be worth much. There would be an additional reward for obtaining the head. That would enrich the map resources...”

“On top of that, he seems to be planning to change IOI’s local server to a lower price. The price of heroes and skins would be lowered to 1/2 to 1 /3 of its original price according to the situation. This is a feasible method that many games platforms have already verified.”

“On top of that, there is news that Finger Games seems to be in contact with some large local games companies, hoping that they would be able to promote localized games. However, they have not decided on which company to work with yet. I will keep an eye on it.”

Pei Qian flipped through the report Lin Wan handed him, his expression as per normal.

Logically, he should be overjoyed. These measures seemed to be in the right direction after all.

Shang Yang Games and Eric had used different methods to promote IOI’s local server problem. However, they had not managed to gain success since the root of the problem was still the game itself.

GOG was Tengda’s in-house game. During the promotion process, it could be modified according to players’ feedback. It could even be used to collect hero creativity from players.

However, the authority to modify IOI was with Finger Games. Finger Games’ main target was the European and American market. They had not been directly affected by GOG in the beginning. Thus, they felt that IOI was perfect and were unwilling to accept Shang Yang Games’ suggestions for modification.

Therefore, IOI remained stagnant while GOG continued to evolve. The gap between the two sides grew larger. The players of IOI were snatched away by GOG, but GOG’s players did not even spare IOI a second glance. As time went by, the strength of both sides were no longer on the same level.