It is fake on the Internet.

It is fake on the Internet.

When I got a step closer to Rocky-san,


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He seemed to be a little scared, and he desperately retreated back with his butt on the floor.

「I have not made an unfair request. So, I’ll say this one more time. -Won’t you buy it for the right amount?」

「A-Aaaaa! U-Understood! O-Of course! I’m sorry, I swear not to do something like this ever again! S-So, please spare my life!」

I didn’t say a word about taking his life… well, it doesn’t matter.

「Thank you. I’ll bring in the rest of the wheat. Where should I place it?」

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「J-Just leave all of it in front of the store! We’ll take care of the rest!」

「Oh, that’s would be helpful.」

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After that, the moment I finished unloading all the wheat that was in the wagon in front of the store, he shoved out a small leather bag of cash.

「I-It’s the full amount as written in the contract. You can confirm it.」

Just in case, I checked it and it was filled with cash exactly as written in the contract.

「-I’ve confirmed the amount. Well then, excuse me.」

As a minimum courtesy, when I bowed lightly and tried to leave the place,

「…H-Hey, just who are you!?」

He asked me such a thing at the end.

「I’m no one important. As you said – just a third-rate magic swordsman.」

Thus, I managed to deliver the wheat safely, and went to the rendezvous point to meet with Ria and Rose.