rich people giving away money free

rich people giving away money free

At the same time, in a warehouse in Jingzhou, a few ‘scalpers’ were watching Upwind Logistics unload the goods.

“Just leave it here. There’s no need to assemble it.”

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“Thank you for your hard work!”

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They had to admit that Upwind Logistics was really fast in Jingzhou. No matter how late the order was, they could deliver it the next day.

Dozens of smart fitness drying racks were transported over and piled into the scalpers’ warehouse.

The young man from Upwind Logistics had already determined the identities of these people. After all, they had bought so many pieces at once. They were not being unsealed nor installed. What else could they be other than scalpers?

However, the logistics delivery men did not say much. Their job was to deliver goods. As for how to restrict the scalpers, that was something the company leaders had to consider. There were no rules. They could only be treated as ordinary consumers.

The logistics delivery men left one after another after spending a lot of effort unloading all the smart fitness drying racks.

The scalpers looked at the smart fitness drying rack that was piled into a small mountain, as if they were looking at a mountain of gold.

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As professional scalpers, their job was to buy out all sorts of products, including tickets and various digital products. Then, they would sell them for money.

They were the ones who stood at the entrance to collect tickets to sell during the concert.

However, this was the first time they had done something like this on such a big piece of item.

“Can this thing really make money? If we want to sell it, we will still have to pay the logistics fees and installation costs.” One of the scalpers was obviously a little worried about this ‘investment’.

The leader of the scalpers smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ve seen it all. This thing definitely has the potential to become the best wealth management product of the year!”

“Look at how popular ‘Fitness Battle’ is. Many streamers are recommending it. What’s more, the smart fitness drying rack is selling too well. They said that they had 10,000 units in stock. In the end, in just two or three hours, more than 4,000 units were sold!”

“Think about it, how big of a demand gap is this!”

“Even if Tengda were to prepare as many stocks as possible, would they be able to fill up such a huge gap? Definitely not!”