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How to make money online Taobao live broadcast

“However, did you really think that I don’t even put on a disguise while working?”

“Yeah. I thought you would yell, ‘Catch, this is your god damn rice’ and throw the meals to the airline passengers.”

“What kind of flight attendant is that?”

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“Then, you’ll throw the troublesome people down from the skies.”

“Doesn't my image as a human look terrible in your eyes?”

“A-Also, when your addiction to Ace Combat kicks in, you’ll rob the joystick from the pilot and start flying it yourself, …or something like that.”


“Uh, wait, why aren’t you retorting this time?”

“…I think I made the passengers enjoy a very cheerful and exciting journey.”


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Yep, this person is always terrible. Why does she put up that gentle face usually?

After I fell silent, Main-san chuckled a bit happily for some reason.

“You’re the one to talk, Amako. Aren’t you talking normally now?”

“Ugh. …N-No, this is…”

“This is more like you, after all. I love the original you more.”

I felt confused when the demon king could say the word “love” so quickly. No, although I understand she’s not loving me the real way, …I never thought that she can say the word “love” so easily to someone. Even if it’s a simple interpersonal relationship…