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What wood products buy online make money

Once the business expanded, Upwind Logistics section on Tengda Life App would also be updated. They would support players to find out the location of their packages in real time.

However, these were things that Lu Mingliang had to worry about in the future.

Pei Qian said, “That’s the general situation. Of course, we have to cooperate with the airline, rent planes, and establish a sorting center in the outskirts of the city. We also have to update the logistics system of the entire express delivery so that the transit between the various steps would be smoother...”

“A lot of preparatory work is required.

“How about this? I’ll give you three months to prepare and negotiate the business. Three months later, I’ll give you a special fund to gradually implement the new business.”

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Actually, the main reason was because of the funds.

Tengda had just recovered from the money burning war. Pei Qian had thought of many ways to spend money again now that the money was coming back so quickly.

On the other hand, Upwind Logistics’ business upgrade this time was not part of the plan. Pei Qian had not arranged for special funds previously. It was not a small sum to rent a plane and build a sorting center in various cities. It would be difficult to squeeze in.

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What’s more, there were only two months to settlement. It was obvious that it wouldn’t be able to make it in time for this settlement.

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When the next cycle began, the remuneration for the movie would probably arrive soon. The various departments would also be able to save up a huge sum of money. That would be enough to burn it into Upwind Logistics.

Lu Mingliang was very happy. He had gained a lot from meeting Boss Pei.

He immediately nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll make the arrangements now. I’ll definitely do it beautifully!”

After appeasing Lu Mingliang, Pei Qian returned to his apartment to take a nap. Then, he got up and went to look for Tian Mo.