Which is good online watching video

Which is good online watching video

If I had known that you were here yesterday, I would have given up playing games at home to meet you.

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Now, there were only a few hours left. How rushed was that? It was too late to even have a good meal.

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“Alright, let’s meet at Ming House. I’ll treat you to lunch.”

What a pity. If it was Sunday, he could have eaten at the nameless restaurant. Eric might not have a huge appetite, but he should not have any problems woofing down a few lobsters.

However, there was no reservation today since it was Monday. He could only eat at Boss Li’s restaurant.

Pei Qian struggled to get out of bed and wash up even though he was still a little sleepy. He was going to meet an old friend who was burning money for him after all.

His hair was a little messy. At first, Pei Qian was hesitant about whether he should wash his hair or something. However, he decided that it did not matter whether he washed his hair or not since he was going to meet Eric.

He had been waiting the entire day. It was better to arrive earlier.

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April 1st, April Fool’s Day…

Game Designer was officially up for sale. It was set at twenty-eight yuan!

Now that Tengda had made a name for itself and even recruited several video UP Masters to publicize its new game, it was impossible for it to publish the new game without gamers realizing it.

Pei Qian struggled with pricing for a long time.