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2019 online vegetables make money

I thought it was my parents. I trembled as I tidied my hair and skirt meaninglessly.

Then, I took a deep breath…and pulled up the < Karen Tendou: Ultra Calm > armor and equipped it in my < Soul Inventory >. I picked up the call.

“Hey, hello. I’m the perfectly fine Karen Tendou without any problems at all.”

“Why are you making such a worrisome introduction!? I-I’m Amano…”

“Oh, Amano-kun. Hello.”


Amano-kun sounds really dumbfounded on the other side of the phone. …T-This is weird. I have to smooth things over.

I cleared my throat and urged him to continue.

“So, Amano-kun, what’s wrong? It’s rare for you to call me at this time. Don’t tell me you’re asking me for money?”

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“Why am I suddenly the cheap ex-boyfriend in your eyes!?”

“Ah, no, I didn’t mean anything bad. It’s just that the only reason I can think of for Amano-kun to call me in the evening is asking me for money.”

“The relationship between my ex-girlfriend and I is too terrible! No, I’m not here for money…”

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“Eh, really? Well, so, why are you…”

I’m perplexed. After Amano-kun paused for a moment, he hesitated…before making up his mind and spoke up.