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Chiaki grabbed my hands even harder. Her hands are already getting sweaty by now.

“I know that this is forcing you to make a hard decision, and I know that I’m selfish. But…but I really don’t know what I should do now…”

“Well, …it’s the same for me.”

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“I’m sorry. However, as long as you make a choice, …I think I can accept it honestly, no matter what the answer is…So, Keita…”


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We started breathing rapidly as our passionate glare connected with each other.

I even closed my eyes at one point…Then, I decided to make a move first and grabbed Chiaki's hands tightly.

So, -I finally told her…I told her my chosen answer to her, even though it was a brutal choice without a correct solution.

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“I think- I’m still picking the Neutral Route in the newest series of this Twisted God’s Reincarnation…”

I answered with a dubious smile.

Chiaki immediately let go of my hand as she started scolding me like she’s going to spit on me.

“Sigh, here comes the most boring answer! Neutral! You dragged until now just to say that you’re picking Neutral! Keita, I’m kind of convinced that you lack any sort of adventuring spirit!”